Oliver came into my life and immediately stole the show. To describe him as a beautiful pup with a glowing personality simply does not do him justice. He adored cuddles and head scratches, and was eager to please you by showing off all of his tricks. During his life, his favorite activities included playing with (and annoying) his feline brother, Hamilton, getting treats from the maintenance men at our apartment complex, and making his mom carry him home from walks when he got “too tired” (although, he was never too tired to beg for his post-walk treat). Oliver was present during many important milestones in my life and was a dedicated supporter and friend. He made me appreciate the simplicity of life, as he was never less than enthralled by simply being in my presence. I miss his head sticking around the corner of the stairs when I came home, his wet nose waking me up in the middle of the night, and most of all, his companionship.