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About the Workbook “Returning from The Rainbow Bridge”

The loss of an animal family member can leave you broken, disheartened, and unsure about how to move forward. “Returning from The Rainbow Bridge” is a compassionate guide that will walk you through this experience of loss. The workbook format acts as a road map and a caring companion that will help navigate you and your family through your pain and loss. It is a gentle friend that understands each person’s unique situation and believes in the power of the special relationship shared with a beloved animal.

Everyone has a special story with their animal. Each story and each relationship is unique and beautiful—something to cherish. This workbook does not suggest that you “get over” your pain and loss; instead, it provides you with a way forward with your changed reality. Within these pages, you will be encouraged to remember, celebrate, and honor the full life of your animal family member. Specifically, you will find: 

  • The belief that your grief and loss are real and should not be dismissed 
  • Ways to heal and move forward through unresolved grief, unforgiveness, things that you wish you had done or not done, guilt and “should haves”
  • Considerations for supporting your animal family member with the end of their life
  • Ways to move through the unknown when your beloved animal is missing or lost
  • Ways to remember the entirety of your animal’s gifts and life so that the pain over their death does not overshadow your good memories with them
  • Considerations for celebrating them and the gifts they brought into your life 
  • A guided journey where you honor your animal family member and give them the enduring legacy they deserve
  • Guidance for being intentional and present during your last days together 
  • Proven approaches to help your child process their pain 
  • A safe space where you can openly share 

“Returning from The Rainbow Bridge” is your guide to rejoin the life that you deserve—the life that your animal would want for you. Find out more at

About Lisa Gravel

Lisa Gravel is dedicated to strengthening the bonds between animal and human beings.  This is her first published work, dedicated to those that have lost an animal family member.  Lisa has been a business and leadership development professional and entrepreneur for over 25 years.  Her love for animals began as a child and has carried through her life. She is committed to positively impacting the lives of animals.  

Holding a Master of Science in Organizational Development, Lisa is the founder of 4 Animal Family Members, Inc. which serves as a connecting point for three interrelated efforts- The Gathering Place, Paws and Whiskers and “Returning from The Rainbow Bridge.” 

Lisa is blessed with an amazing son, Jay.  She is in search of her place to call home, which will also serve as the first location for The Gathering Place.

25% of proceeds from “Returning from The Rainbow Bridge” support The Gathering Place.

Interview Questions

If you are interested in scheduling an interview or need to get in touch with us, please send an email to  If you are on deadline, include your phone number and a member of our team will call you back promptly.

I look forward to connecting and appreciate your support in sharing “Returning from The Rainbow Bridge” with the world.
—Lisa Gravel 

  • Why is the phrase “animal family member” used instead of pets? (I realize that it is explained a bit in the workbook…care to elaborate?)
  • From a farm in Colorado to living on the Iditarod (pronounced I-did- a-rod) Trail in Alaska…how has my life and lifestyle informed this workbook? 
  • Returning from The Rainbow Bridge is part of a larger effort- 4 Animal Family Members.  Tell me about this. 
  • How does a business and leadership development consultant become an author for a book about losing an animal family member?
  • What are the advantages to visiting the website? 
  • How many animal family members are there in the US today? 
  • I have read that grief over the loss of an animal family member is just like losing a human family member. Is that correct? 
  • There are several topics in the book that are striking- forgiving one’s self, should haves and regrets, to name a few.  Why did I include these? 
  • What inspired you to include Paws Points? 
  • What is next?