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  • Cracking the Cat Litter Code…What is best for your cats, you and the environment? August 26, 2020
    We live in times where you can be overwhelmed by shopping for almost anything- cat litter included. How do you decide? We have looked at the information out there and brought (a lot of it) into one place. Fortunately, there are groups dedicated to researching and voting upon the best of all things. We pulled […]
    Meow and Woof
  • What to Expect when your Momma dog is Expecting… August 26, 2020
    Growing up on a farm in Colorado, animal babies coming into the world was always something I looked forward to.  Whether it was a chick hatching from an egg, a newborn calf, a goat or a kitten… the babies and their arrival is something special.  Dogs have long been one of my favorite birth experiences.  […]
    Meow and Woof
  • Catios and Catitats- (almost) outdoor alternatives for indoor cats September 23, 2019
    Oskar was an unusually quiet cat, in my cat experiences. He was beautiful with a white coat and brown, black and grey spots. It was his light blue eyes and reflective nature that set him apart. I am pretty sure he was born to be an outdoor cat- and may have thrived on a farm […]
    Meow and Woof