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“Returning from The Rainbow Bridge”

About the “Returning from The Rainbow Bridge” Workbook

The loss of an animal family member can leave you broken, disheartened, and unsure about how to move forward. “Returning from The Rainbow Bridge” is a compassionate guide that will walk you through this experience of loss. The workbook format acts as a road map and a caring companion that will help navigate you and your family through your pain and loss.

It is a gentle friend that understands each person’s unique situation and believes in the power of the special relationship shared with a beloved animal.

Everyone has a special story with their animal. Each story and each relationship is unique and beautiful—something to cherish. This workbook does not suggest that you “get over” your pain and loss; instead, it provides you with a way forward with your changed reality. Within these pages, you will be encouraged to remember, celebrate, and honor the full life of your animal family member.

“Returning from The Rainbow Bridge” is a compassionate guide that will walk you through the experience of losing an animal family member.

New and Supplemental Content for “Returning from The Rainbow Bridge”

Thank you for choosing “Returning from The Rainbow Bridge.”  I hope that the content and the experiences of the workbook supported you through the loss of your beloved animal family member. During the process of editing the first edition, there were suggestions made by editors and copy editors for additional content. I made the decision to go ahead and publish the workbook and to provide new materials and content as it is developed here. You will find downloadable pdf versions of the following content:  



Ways to Honor Your Animal Family Member

4 Animal Family Members believes that honoring your animal family members is important! We have identified meaningful ways to do this: 

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Share the Story of Your Animal Family Member

 We are interested in reading the story of your animal family member and their life with you.  If you are interested, send us your story (and pictures) through use of the following button. You can also share your story through the “Returning from The Rainbow Bridge” Facebook Community.

Molly: 14 years old

This year we had to say goodbye to our beautiful Cocker Spaniel, Molly. She was 14 — over 100 in dog years. She had a good life and was such a great dog — so kind, sweet and patient with our 2 boys. We’ll miss her. Goodbye old girl!

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Oliver: 14 years old

Oliver came into my life and immediately stole the show. To describe him as a beautiful pup with a glowing personality simply does not do him justice. He adored cuddles and head scratches, and was eager to please you by showing off all of his tricks. During his life, his favorite activities included playing with […]

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Lenny: 15 years old

Lenny the rabbit was so special. I rescued him when he was very young and he and I were very connected from the beginning. He loved to hop up and down stairs and run around the room. He was the softest bunny I've ever felt. He was very calm around other people as long as […]

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Sweeti: 14 years old

Sweeti was greatly loved. She was the queen of the family and reigned with dignity. Sweeti protected the house from all danger and loved those she knew as her family.

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